Joel and Sarah Arnold


Joel and Sarah Arnold were blessed to grow up in godly homes and attended Bob Jones University for college and graduate school. After completing a Ph.D. in Theology from BJU in 2011, Joel and Sarah began raising support to go to the Philippines. Joel and Sarah served in Africa for 6 months, teaching, evangelizing, and working in local churches. They also traveled for a year to churches and schools across the USA, leading Bob Jones University Ministry teams. Their ministry in the Philippines will include three areas: (1) teaching at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in Quezon City, (2) church planting in partnership with national men, and (3) outreaches to and short-term classes across the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Anne Dreisbach

Lantiwee, Suriname

Anne is a medical missionary to the Bushnegro people on the Cottica River in Suriname, South America. Anne had the privilege of being the oldest child of missionary parents John and Bettie Dreisbach.  She was born in the United States but went to Africa when she was just a few months old. Her parents' testimony had a huge impact on Anne's life, and they imparted to her early on that their mission was to win souls to Jesus Christ. When she was six years old, she went to a boarding school for missionary children. While in her first year there, she recognized her own need of salvation and confessed her sins, believed in Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as her personal Savior. Shortly after her conversion, God called her into full-time Christian service.


After spending seven years at boarding schools in Nigeria and three years in public schools in the United States, Anne completed her last two years of high school at Bob Jones Academy. The two years at BJA were important years of spiritual growth for Anne; they confirmed her calling to full-time Christian service and set her feet on the Lord's path for her life. The following fall she entered nurses training to fulfill her heart's desire to be a missionary nurse. She graduated from the Greenville General Hospital School of Nursing in 1969 and went on to graduate from Bob Jones University with a B.S. degree in Medical Missions in 1972. Because of her interest in obstetrics, Anne entered the Queen Mother's Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, to study midwifery. She graduated with a degree in midwifery in 1973. Throughout her college years, Anne went on several foreign mission trips to Chad, Central Africa, Mexico, Scotland, and France.


In 1976, Anne went to the Niger Republic of West Africa with Project Compassion where she ministered to as many as 400 Muslim people a day through a medical clinic ministry. After the Lord closed the door in Niger in June of 1980, Anne sought the Lord's guidance for her next step. The Lord graciously led her to Suriname, South America.

Stan and Grace Shelton

Vienna, Austria

Stan and Grace Shelton arrived in Vienna, Austria on February 13, 2001. It had long been their desire to serve God in Austria. Their first term was spent assisting in the ministry of Todd and Sarah Hudson at Immanuel Bibelgemeinde in Vienna. In January of 2006, the Shelton family transitioned into the next phase of their ministry. After moving to the 22nd district of Vienna, Stan established an organization called Projekt.B - Bible Knowledge for Life, with the purpose of teaching the Word of God about Jesus Christ in a practical, life-changing way. Through Projekt.B, the Sheltons established a Sunday worship service in May 2006, with the future goal of developing a fully functioning indigenous church. Sunday, October 4, 2009, was a milestone for the Sheltons when the group of believers with whom they have been working in Vienna held their charter membership service. The church constitution they adopted states that, "the goal of our church is to give God the glory by being true to His Word. Success is measured by the Christlikeness of each member." The Tony Shelton family arrived in Vienna in January 2007 to join the ministry team. The Lord has also led several Austrian believers to partner in this endeavor for the Lord. The team's desire is that many people will come to the personal knowledge of the loving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stan and Grace have five children, Kaleb, Lukas, Micah, James, and their newest addition, Kirsten Jane, born November 12, 2010!