Pastor Ray and Jennifer Arnett

Our Mission

Our goal is twofold: To exalt Jesus Christ, by the spread of the gospel at home and abroad, to equip God’s people for the ministry by building strong families through Biblical teaching. Our emphasis is on personal involvement with the children and youth participating in the music by playing instruments and singing. Family activities are planned throughout the year with a mission trip in the spring for families, an ice cream fellowship during the summer in honor of graduates, a church picnic for the 4th of July, and many other fellowships during the year.

What we Believe

  • We believe the Holy Bible as originally written was verbally inspired of God and the product of Spirit-controlled men. Therefore, it is truth without error. We believe the Bible to be the authority for faith and practice.
  • We believe there is only one true and living God who is manifested in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe God created the heavens and earth in six twenty-four hour days and rested on the seventh day.
  • We believe Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, is infinite God, coexistent and coequal with the Father; He condescended to become a man, but in His incarnation never lost any of His deity. He was and is sinless and is the only Savior for mankind.
  • We believe salvation is by the grace of God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross of Calvary.
  • We believe in a literal heaven for all those who trust Christ as their Savior. We also believe in an eternal hell for all who reject Christ as Savior.
  • We believe all who are truly saved are kept by the power of God for all eternity.
  • We believe the only marriage acceptable to God is a union between one man and one woman.
  • We believe our mission on earth is to evangelize the lost by spreading the gospel at home and abroad.

service times

Sunday School: 09:45 am

Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Evening Service: 6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm (Wednesday)

5th Sunday Schedule: Sunday School: 09:45 am

Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Fellowship dinner

Afternoon service following dinner.